Frequently Asked Questions

MAANSAI Property Investments

Yes. We handle a variety of portfolios to grow the wealth of property owners.

At the discretion of the agent dealing with the property, our marketing experts will develop a competitive multi-channel strategy to maintain good visibility in the market. On the property itself, we will place 'TO LET' signs or other signs such as 'FOR SALE' and 'PROPERTY MANAGED BY' in accordance with regulations and by-laws.

MAANSAI Property Investments organizes maintenance on behalf of the landlord. We perform regular onsite inspections, and can arrange for security services or cleaning services as required. Water and electricity payments may be settled by MAANSAI Property Investments on prior request by the landlord.

No. MAANSAI Property Investments is responsible for dealing with the tenant application process. We verify information and references and carry out due diligence on all prospective tenants. Based on current market rates, we also negotiate and execute letters of offer or tenancy on behalf of the property owner.

After deducting the expenses, MAANSAI Property Investments will credit the landlord's nominated bank account on the 10th of every month without any delay whatsoever. A monthly statement will be emailed or posted to the property owner.