MAANSAI Property

From design and development to marketing and leasing, our experienced professionals simplify residential and commercial real estate.

With years of experience handling a variety of investment portfolios, we tailor our property management practices so homeowners and investors get the best value for residential or commercial developments and land assets in northern Kenya. MAANSAI Property Investments also provides renters with diverse options to lease homes or office space.

We pay close attention to every aspect of the process, starting by developing property in accordance with building codes. Our team ensures that clients understand the complex issues surrounding both property ownership and renting.


Hands-on collaboration to add top real estate to the market.

  • We advise our clients on how to refurbish properties to maximize profitability and increase value.
  • Our marketing team develops an effective multi-channel advertising plan, deploying interactive techniques through the MAANSAI Group website and associated social media networks. We also constantly update our database of interested buyers via SMS or email.
  • We enable effective visibility of properties by partnering with other leading online real estate portals and by participating in property exhibitions.


Dynamic opportunities for homeowners and investors to grow wealth.

  • MAANSAI Property Investments guides clients through the complete buying process, starting by obtaining the requisite permits for development plans.
  • We expand our scope according to the clients' demands, exploring real estate through other property companies deliver a wide variety of investment options.

Renting and Lease Management

Hassle-free administration of rental services for residential and commercial properties.

  • For both short and long term occupancy, we guide clients through renting technicalities including valuation, presentation and marketing. MAANSAI Property Investments also negotiates and executes letters of offer or tenancy on behalf of the property owner.
  • Our property experts perform routine inspections and arrange maintenance of the property.