We provide eco-friendly electrical, wind, solar, biomass and geothermal power solutions for domestic or industrial use, and distribute fuels and essential power hardware.

Led by a team of experienced consultants and electrical engineers, MAANSAI Energy is driving the alternative power industry in northern Kenya. All our solutions are designed to lower clients’ energy costs and improve efficiency while complying with government policies.

The Green Energy Division generates clean electricity from renewable sources:

Solar – Affordable and easy to maintain, our solar panels are essential for every home or business.

Biomass – Our expertise in digester systems stretches from detailed feasibility studies, design and engineering to permitting, installation and maintenance.

Wind – Easy to customize to various locations and wind conditions, our high-quality turbines are installed after careful calculation by MAANSAI Energy experts.

Hydropower – A versatile option for small communities, our cost-effective generators are available in various sizes depending on clients’ needs and can be adapted for dam or dam-free applications.

Geothermal – Our cooling and heating solution relies on an underground piping system to tap into the earth’s natural heat for different domestic and commercial uses.


At MAANSAI Energy, all our sustainable solutions are inclusive of installation and after-sales maintenance and repair. Our teams are trained to lay down system hardware and connect the new cables, accumulators, lamps and other works to the mains supply line as required.

We also stock and install electric products such as water heaters, batteries, chargers, controllers and inverters as well as pumps and cooking stoves.

MAANSAI Energy imports and distributes non-renewable energy products:

Not only do we handpick the best oil and gas suppliers and high-quality products, we closely monitor the latest market prices so our clients can reap the savings.

Our wide range of petroleum, lubricants, diesel oil, fuels and natural gas products are current with all energy regulatory codes and business operating licenses.