MAANSAI Construction

We assemble multidisciplinary teams and cutting-edge technology to transform the built environment with functional structures.

From innovative architecture and engineering to forward-thinking project management, MAANSAI Construction undertakes various projects of any scope. We ensure that each professional in our multidisciplinary team has a clear understanding the client's specifications, timeframe and budget.

Apart from homes, schools and warehouses, we build parks, playgrounds, gardens and other public works including roads and streetlighting, bridges, sanitation systems, drifts, culverts, boreholes and earth dams.


Advancing the built environment for the future. The company has invested in the latest machinery and technology to guarantee that each project is done efficiently and on time. We adhere to all building codes, and maintain the same high standards when sourcing raw materials and equipment. All our suppliers have years of experience in the field and are certified by key construction institutions and bodies.

Project Management

Establishing solid relationships between clients and contractors. Our project management team ensures quality at every milestone. The MAANSAI Construction team comprises quantity surveyors, estimation experts and costing contractors to meet the specific recommendations of the client in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Installing reliable systems for every development. Our electrical, mechanical, and civil and structural engineers strive to execute design with technology-driven solutions that are easy to install and adapt to various building conditions. If necessary, some construction is done off-site to save time, enhances site safety and improves waste management. MAANSAI Construction's expert technicians also take care of the finishing touches on every structure, from plumbing to aesthetics.